Poziv za članstvo u SOVCG

Uradite to radi samopoštovanja.
Uradite to da biste ostvarili prava koja Vam garantuju Ustav i zakoni Crne Gore.
Uradite to radi solidarnosti sa onima među nama koji su materijalno najugroženiji.
Uradite to da biste se ljepše, sigurnije i slobodnije osjećali u svom radnom okruženju.
Uradite to iz proste potrebe da se čuje i Vaš glas.


On behalf of the Portuguese Sergeants represented by our association “ANS – Associação Nacional de Sargentos” (Sergeants National Association), EUROMIL member since 1992, and on behalf of my President and all ANS Board of Directors, I want to address to all SOCVG members our deep solidarity on the occasion of the march "For Truth, Justice and Dignity!" that you are courageous conducting in Podgorica, protesting against the lack of respect and the lack of social dialogue between your national authorities and your very representative trade union – the

Since it is not possible for us to be there, we want to bring our words of solidarity and to assure to you that you can count on us in the fight of defending soldiers rights, wherever that the fights occur.

We do believe that you will win!
Your reason and justice will prevail!
Because we believe that the ones who fight may not win, but those who do not fight, are already defeated...
And you are showing, not only today in Podgorica, but along the times with your attitude and perseverance, that you are true fighters!

Long live to all the ones who fight to defend their rights and to defeat injustice!

Long live SOCVG!

With friendship and comradeship
Antonio Lima Coelho
- Portuguese Sergeant
- Director of ANS newspaper
- EUROMIL Board Member