Poziv za članstvo u SOVCG

Uradite to radi samopoštovanja.
Uradite to da biste ostvarili prava koja Vam garantuju Ustav i zakoni Crne Gore.
Uradite to radi solidarnosti sa onima među nama koji su materijalno najugroženiji.
Uradite to da biste se ljepše, sigurnije i slobodnije osjećali u svom radnom okruženju.
Uradite to iz proste potrebe da se čuje i Vaš glas.


Dear colleagues of the Montenegro Association SOVCG,

We have been informed by EUROMIL about the problems, concerning the dismissal of 30 contracted soldiers and the lack of dialogue between you and the relevant civil and military authorities of your country.
We would like to extend our strongest support and solidarity in your fight for justice and for satisfaction of your requests.
The N-COACA (Non-Commissioned Officers Association of Cyprus Army) is standing by you and deeply expresses the hope, that your leaders will comprehend the necessity of a dialogue with your union.

Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon.

The President of N-COACA
SSG (Sig) Katerina Markoullidou